Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What no Grinder ?

Well it's a nice day today, the rain has stopped and the sun has come out. It's afternoon and I decided to replace the getting real old afternoon cup of coffee with an old standby: cayenne pepper tea. And yes it's 'spicy hot' as well as having those old herbal manuals claiming that it's good for the heart.

Of course, use just 1/8 teaspoon in a cup of hot water. I had to use either cayenne pepper in capsules from the health food store until I sent off for 1/4 lb. of organic. The stuff in a tin from the supermarket may taste okay in a bean dish, but apparently the big corporate brands cut it with sawdust, and it really makes a lousy tea.

This week has started out much better than last week. The first thing last Monday morning I remember loading up the coffee maker, pushing the ON button and nothing happening. BLAH ! It was resupply day so the first place I looked was at SAM'S CLUB, and well they seemed to have dozens of combo cappuccino/coffee makers, which I doubt even PT BARNUM could sell in New Hampshire. However, there was exactly one type of coffee maker on the shelf. I don't know if all the SAM'S CLUB REPUBLICANS love their freedoms and all use the exact same model of coffee makers, but then they must all use the same canned cattle dung coffee, because there wasn't any automatic bean grinder. Really what respectable social climber is going to drink shit coffee ?

So next stop was TARGET. Well there was an aisle full of coffee makers, but alas no attached bean grinder. DOUBLE BLAH! Now we are talking PANIC !

Next stop was BED BATH AND BEYOND and well there was a passable CUISINART that seemed worth buying. A bit more than I had expected to pay even with the 20% discount coupon. So that crisis did pass too.



kirk505 said...

Hello CRU. Thanks for the invitation. I'll be nice today. What do you do with the dremel? Do you play the guitar?

kirk505 said...

"Mr. Kimball,I presume ?" Nice instruments. I haven't had that much exposure to Microtonal Music. Middle eastern lute music is ok. I play the classical guitar. I really like John Dowland and A. de Lhoyer.

Live free or die.

certified_registered_user said...

Greetings, Thanks for the comments and interest.

Mostly use the Dremel as a grinder, and in the case of guitars, to remove any extra tang on a new fret.

Not the textbook way, but it's fast and easy.