Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Cigar BOOM and BUST

HEY ! BOOM AND BUST. Sound familiar ?

Let's see, once upon a time folk bit off the end of their cigar, smoked them with beer and while playing cards. You know, working class, ordinary folk.

I still wonder if it had anything to do with MONICA and BILL ?

It seems around 1992, the Madison Avenue stuff started to kick in... And the cigar boom was unleashed. Okay, once it was either smoking an el premo or an el cheapo; either it tasted like tobacco or it didn't.

"Hint of leather", "wisp of walnut", "touch of spice...". It's not that the REVIEWERS are delusional, because people did swallow that bull puckey, because, you know, this is Amerika. And in Amerika the politicians don't lie, the media doesn't lie, and the big corporations don't cook the books... But if you look closely it's just the CIGAR SNOBS selling with their thinly disguised advertising copy...

Well, next thing celebrities are being photographed with cigars. Then women with unsightly silicon breasts ( I've never seen a woman buy or smoke a cigar) start to appear in the adverts. I'd really like to see that video GIRLS WITH GUNS, remade. Maybe, a direct to DVD release: SURGICALLY & COSMETICALLY ENHANCED GIRLS WITH GUNS SMOKE CIGARS AND DESCRIBE WHAT THEY WANT TO DO TO YOUR GENITALS WHILE DRIVING BIG EXPENSIVE CARS.

And BANG, the BOOM is over and the BUST began. Well a lot of makers went bankrupt, there was a bit of consolidation and well it's just a few big corporations left. I suspect this is what the global economy has left to look forward to: 1 or 2 giant corporations controlling just about everything...

Currently, there's about 350 million cigars sold in the US a year. Maybe, 40 million of them might be described as 'premium'. So, yes 90% of the time the SNOBS are smoking an "alternative". Yes the CIGAR GODS smoke alternatives, and you smuck, smoke dog rockets.

So remember, does it taste like tobacco or not ?

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Maitreya said...

I have bought AND smoked cigars.
How can you not enjoy a good cigar while in Key West?
90 miles from Cuba.....