Sunday, May 24, 2009


People might think this a bit odd of a posting during the memorial day weekend, but I'm sure that would be the same people who think that it's okay for poor people's children to go off and die stealing oil for the big corporations so that they can pick up their children from school in an SUV.

Well, I was talking on the phone with an old acquaintance. I won't call him a friend anymore since he turned into a bit of a snob and social climber, so I generally do not bother with him and his delusional world of late.

It wasn't long till I hear this monotone voice: "I have a Havana". "That's nice", I responded, and I suspect I asked him "how's the weather ?" Next; "No, er........I have a Havana," in the same irritating monotone.

"What brand is it ?" I asked. "I got it from a friend, er...ah...he got it from a friend, I don't know." "What brand is it", I asked again. ugh! "I have a Havana..."

I really don't know what brand it is either !!!

Well, the claim is that the Cuban soil is so played out that the Dominicans and now the Hondurans are much better. Then as it's Castro's only source of revenue, the quality of AUTHENTIC cubanos is considered to be rather deplorable as of late. And on top of it about 85% of the Cubans sold "legally" in Canada are FAKES.

What's with the Cuban thing ? The mystic ? The criminality ?

Nah! it's about showing off... "he he, I got connections and you don't, he he..."

Obviously, MOST if not ALL the fools are running out and paying $40-$50 a stick for a Honduran with a fake Cuban label on it.

What fools these Gringos Be... fake cigars, fake boobs, fake kulture....


kirk505 said...

I feel the same way about most holidays,our society is screwed.

Anyway,you inspired me to try something new. I am currently living in germany, so I have no problem getting cuban cigars.

Today I went to the local tobacco shop and bought some Cigarritos Romeo y Julieta Mini,100% Tobaco Cubano,HECHO EN CUBA.

20 Cigarritos cost me 9.50 euros,chump change. The current euro/dollar exchange rate is 1 euro = $1.40.So I paid about $13.30 for a pack of 20.

I'm in heaven.I don't want to sound like I'm showing off. I would send you a package if you thought it would get through customs. Let me know if your interested.

I really don't know that much about cigars. I asked for cuban cigarillos, the clerk suggested the Romeo y Julieta Cigarritos. I'm going back to the tobacco shop on Friday ,I want to try out some different kinds of cuban cigarrillos or cigarritos.They had about 7 or 8 different types sitting on the shelf.

Another bad habit,my wife should be thrilled.

certified_registered_user said...

Well this reminds me of 2 stories I'm going to rant about.

The first was a few years ago I went to the local post office to ship a modified long neck banjo to AMSTERDAM. It was pretty funny, the Postmistress and the ex-postmaster were standing around behind the counter debating what to do.

Turns out, the US Post Office does open and inspect any and all packages FROM Amsterdam. So they were confused about whether this applies to packages being shipped TO Amsterdam. I suspect that because the packages were wrapped, taped and heavily insured, perhaps the prospect of spending the rest of the afternoon rewrapping and then being responsible for any damages might have been to inconvenient.

Another time when I visited a guy who published my 31 tone guitar article, at the time he was teaching at a kid's summer camp. At one point he told me about his experience coming into the states thru Canada with a box of cigarillos. Although they were made in the Netherlands, but since the box had HAVANA on it, the Canadian custom people wanted to confiscate them.

So I'm not sure what to say !!! If your willing to risk the possibility of the FEDERAL POLICE knocking on the door (here in the States it would be 'kicking in the door'). "ze' rules, ze' rules, it's against ze' rules"... Well it might almost be worth it, for instance if you put aside one from each pack, took off any identifying bands and ....

Anyway, if you found a licensed shop you might also want to try some of the 2$ machine rolled dog rockets. Not sure if that's good relationship advice, but it might work pretty good if your around some of those righteous people into their 3rd drink.

"Oh! it's from HAVANA, so it's healthy for you..."

kirk505 said...

OK, I'll see what I can do.I'll use the NOVOSONIC PRODUCTIONS address.

certified_registered_user said...

"Thank you very much..."

Andy Kaufman