Saturday, August 29, 2009

what happens when you smoke too many cigars


Basically, 'socorro' means help in spanish. Which pretty much sums up the situation.

And until today I had never smoked a lancero that I didn't like.

This is a TCC private brand and it seems to be one of the first casualties of the cigar industry free fall.

I hate to wave adios so quickly after trying just one. But I've got a feeling that the other four I have are going to taste just as crappy.

the real thing


I actually thought I might have seen these on sale for as low as $1 each somewhere. Otherwise consider it at the high end in the $2 dog rocket category. These are occasionally palmed off as premium cigars and mixed into those "big brand samplers".

But they really are quite good. Actually amazing. No advertising, packed in bundles ?

Well, anyway, I think you could make out in one of those "bands removed" cigar tasting routines with these best of breed dog rockets. Certainly, if "your not going to be a dumb smuck and buy the cheap knock-offs instead of the expensive puppies and save money..."

Forget the "might be seconds", or "alternative to", just get one of the best for less.

DON LUGO tastes more like DON LOOGIE

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, 5x50, Robusto, Natural Combo Filler.

bow wow, bow wow...

These things are serviceable. Some people even seem to like these. But, frankly there's better cigars than these for a bit less these days...

I took the dogs down for a walk and tried to sit back and smoke one of these. Maybe the dogs took exception to the smell of a burning dog turd, or whatever, and I ended up having to walk around the bog while one of them hunted for frogs. Needless to say, later when I got back to the house, I started tasting this sucker again.

Needless to say, just hope you don't get a Christmas present from me !!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

we're saved ! peace and prosperity just around the corner....

it's official, big brother said so...

"Bernanke declared Friday that the U.S. economy is on the verge of a long-awaited recovery"

how, many more times do we have to listen to the wack jobs claiming the USS TITANIC isn't sinking and that BRAND AMERIKA is now a quaint historical anomaly ?

"Bernanke stressed Friday that despite much progress in stabilizing financial markets and trying to bust through credit clogs, consumers and businesses are still having trouble getting loans..."

"We must work together to build on the gains already made to secure a sustained economic recovery."

hey! what's this "we" shit. during the good times "we" were "losers" if we weren't borrowing at 30% to buy stocks paying 2%. now that the scam has blown up, "we" have to help.... ha! somebody has to pay taxes to pay the interest so the bankers can make loans and do it again....

"Bernanke also said the U.S. needs a process to wind down big, globally interconnected companies, much like the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. does for failing banks. "

now that sounds like a really good idea...hurrah ! time to bailout Zimbawbe, it's a good investment for the taxpayers... a win win really, the rascals can spend much much more money, and when the Zimbabwe dollar becomes worth as much as the paper it's printed on (btw, the Z$ has been "discontinued"- yet another government issued funny money joining the currency graveyard) the taxpayers will reap a huge return on the investment and there will be a source of affordable toilet paper...

perfect, absolutely fabulous.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Cigar Box Recycling

It place of the usual tilting at windmills, another practical post about turning some cigarillo boxes into hazard boxes.These happen to be sliding style top and the part I like the best is the little plastic tops let you see inside.

I used everyday vinegar to dissolve the glue on the labels and then pealed and scrapped the residue with a putty knife. A touch of sanding for the heck of it and a coat of stain to seal the wood. Home Despot does have sheets of the window plastic and it cuts easily on a table saw.

It did take a couple of hours, but hey who's time is worth all that much these days.... And it cleaned up the junk of odds and ends as well as the half completed projects. But remember the vinegar, I'll try that next time on removing labels from containers I'd like to save and reuse.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

ME against the EBAY-WORLD

Well this pretty much sums up exactly what I think about EBAY.

In fact, now that I think of it, I'm considering trying to bring a suit against EBAY along the lines of the RICO statutes...

Well they have always pretty much blown you off when there's a problem. Which brings it to the crux. Sue them for all the fees that they've collected from me over the years, on the basis that they never provided any of the follow up services they contracted...

That hinges on what is called an "ongoing criminal enterprise". Anyway, I ran across this item about how EBAY is finagling it's finances to pump up it's stock price.

Hey! What the hell.... this is AMERICA the land of unlimited wealth and Obuma bucks. So it's a double scam, besides fudging the sales figures they've created a cost shifting onto the backs of small sellers, essentially allowing the favored big concerns to monopolize EBAY trade. That's why I noticed that you can buy it cheaper anywhere else than on EBAY...

"Essentially, Best Match enables eBay to manipulate search results and how they are presented to buyers.

"The manipulation allows eBay to favor it's preferred class of sellers over the smaller mom & pop sellers on the site, by utilizing a secret algorithm which makes behind the scenes manipulation simple and easy.

"In the meantime, Diamond Sellers which pay zero listing fees and receive discounts on Final Value Fees see their items visibility surreptitiously increased while small sellers that pay to list items and are subject to the outrageously high Final Value Fees see their items disadvantaged, buried if you will, in search results.

"Donahoe & Co have implemented incentives to cajole sellers into rolling the cost of shipping into the selling price of an item.

"A $10.00 widget with shipping of $4.75 now shows on eBay's books as a sale of $14.75 when it sells with "free" shipping. ebay is not selling more widgets, they have however managed to increase the Final Value fee they take on these items as they now collect that fee on shipping too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

2$ Cigar Box Humidor for 2$ Dog rockets

Well actually it was $2.50 plus $10 shipping... And it's a whopping 17 x 9. Perfect presentation to hold those dog rockets that I'll show off to my cheapskate cigar no nothing visitors. Anyway, a good way to keep them away from the special stock. It's not so bad that their bumming for a freebie, and they won't know if your pawning off a cigar turd as a primo dog rocket.

But they real reason to keep them away from the good ones, is that they want to play with them, which is an easy way to get a tear or a rip. That and invariably, they want to stick, not one, but every last one up their nose.

Really, do you like snot on a cigar ?

Anyway, I really like the wood and the inlay work, and the only thing I did was to pull out the old innards that smelt a little too much like aromatic red cedar and replaced it with mild spanish cedar dividers.

Well it ain't exactly the Ritz...but it beats a brown paper bag.

Oh ! that's a tube of crystals in the middle; goodbye credos. And, that's a digital hydrometer, that I can move around from box to box... takes out the guess work and give a fast accurate reading.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Dirty Nasty Smoker or EBAY $UCK$ THE BIG KAHUNA

In case anybody is wondering you can search PAYPAL STORES and get just about anything that's on EBAY or $5 or more less... Anyway, the scammers are out in full force on EBAY and I've had more shady characters causing problems recently than in 8 years previously.

Actually, I got quite a chuckle out of this turkey, but the real problem was with EBAY blowing me off and condoning mail and wire fraud, not to mention bad taste !

If you don't believe me, I can send you scan of the return packaged dated the 28th one day after this idiot accused me of theft !!!

From EBAY:

Jul. 27, 2009 - Buyer: Dispute filed

# 7/27/2009 18:27 PDT - Buyer: The item was listed as new but obviously was not and it was shipped back weeks ago and they deny receiving it back. It was sold knowing that it was not new and broken. I do plan on leaving negative feedback and 1 stars due to them not taking care of this matter. Also they do not return emails!

From the Feeback section:

"Product was USED & sold as NEW.Emails were few and rude. I had PAYPAL get refund

Reply by buzzykay (Aug-04-09 06:09):
wouldn't return item till after filing dispute, claimed i stole item...
Follow-up by xxxxxx(Aug-11-09 11:23):
Seller lies and sells used items as new and the items smelled like nasty Smoker!

Well needless to say NO MORE EBAY...

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

2 Dollar Dog Rocket Delight

Manolete Petite Maduro Topedo

Philippines 5 x 52 mixed filler.

Well I had been looking at this cigar for a few weeks and thinking about giving it a go, as the loose band
kept crying: "smoke me, smoke me".

Well I'm glad to report that I discovered I have 4 more of them. Didn't taste like anything in particular, just plain old tobacco.

This came in one of those dog rockets of death deals... and frankly I would consider buying a bundle in the future.

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Cigar Industry Implosion...

I had been wondering why most of the US internet cigar sellers essentially all have nearly the exact same inventory for sale. It's still not clear, even after a bit of investigating, but there's really only a few big player's that basically control all the brands and distribution.

It seemed odd that even with the 40 cent per stick SCHIP tax (that was suppose to cover all the uninsured- ha! those dirty rascals are up to it again) that I am getting bombarded with all sorts of 'discount deals' in the mail as well tempting offers filling up my e-mail box everyday.

How can that be ? It made no sense. Then I read that the owners of 'Hav-A-Tampa' are closing because cigar sales are falling: 10%, 15% 20% ??? People are cutting back on luxuries, big time. Who will survive and who will collapse ? Serious pain and panic ahead ?

Stay tuned, the cigar world will never be the same. BTW, It's as good as time as ever to stock up on those dog rockets.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dog Walk with a case and a 1989


That is a three cigar carrying case with a cutter and a lighter, which seemed ideal for transporting a dog rocket along with the needed tools to fire up while I watch the dogs play in the Cranberry bog.

Well it's sort of a good idea, I think. Had a bit of a problem with the single blade cutter, never used one before and it wasn't particuarly easy learning outside. It was a bit annoying, as I had what should be a well aged stick going by the sliding band, which indicates a certain maturing and shrinkage....
But it's from the Phillipines , as it turns out. Anyway, I'll check out the next one closer, as I couldn't tell if the head was composed of multicolor tobacco, or the distraction of the dogs looking at me like I was cracked, or the very hungry and annoying skeeters.

Then the lighter wasn't quite up to the task with a breeze. Not something you would think about till you try. However there is plenty of room in the case to stuff a triple jet lighter next time.

I'm not sure if I would call this either mild or medium. Definitely strong and a lot of kick. Certainly you could take the bands off these and give them to your annoying buddies and tell them it's a Havana. But these are dog rockets, no question about it.

With that said, it wasn't really all that bad: starting off a peppery feel, moving into an odd mild non-descript taste in the middle and transitioning to a leathery finish. Oddly, I don't think I've ever noticed that much difference before. But then that's because a decade plus ago the local gas station had carried cigars from the Phillipines and that earthy aura was my first exotic cigar experience.

At $1.80 in a box of 25 or $1.30 in the 2-fer that's getting darn cheap these days (considering the factories get 17c or less each) with all the taxes and handling, so you can't complain about not getting your monies worth.

Would I go out and buy a box or two to salt away ? NO WAY, but if you were the Social Co-ordinator at some Fraternity, and the herf party was coming up ? Why not, and pull a switcheroo with the labels... gee, some guys might still be remebering that night 80 years from now...