Monday, August 10, 2009

The Cigar Industry Implosion...

I had been wondering why most of the US internet cigar sellers essentially all have nearly the exact same inventory for sale. It's still not clear, even after a bit of investigating, but there's really only a few big player's that basically control all the brands and distribution.

It seemed odd that even with the 40 cent per stick SCHIP tax (that was suppose to cover all the uninsured- ha! those dirty rascals are up to it again) that I am getting bombarded with all sorts of 'discount deals' in the mail as well tempting offers filling up my e-mail box everyday.

How can that be ? It made no sense. Then I read that the owners of 'Hav-A-Tampa' are closing because cigar sales are falling: 10%, 15% 20% ??? People are cutting back on luxuries, big time. Who will survive and who will collapse ? Serious pain and panic ahead ?

Stay tuned, the cigar world will never be the same. BTW, It's as good as time as ever to stock up on those dog rockets.

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bigunsfan said...

I'm good to go as far as cigarillos are concerned. Yeah,I better start looking for some dog rockets.

Smoking to help the uninsured,at least you can get a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you are helping out folks without insurance.

take it easy