Sunday, August 2, 2009

Dog Walk with a case and a 1989


That is a three cigar carrying case with a cutter and a lighter, which seemed ideal for transporting a dog rocket along with the needed tools to fire up while I watch the dogs play in the Cranberry bog.

Well it's sort of a good idea, I think. Had a bit of a problem with the single blade cutter, never used one before and it wasn't particuarly easy learning outside. It was a bit annoying, as I had what should be a well aged stick going by the sliding band, which indicates a certain maturing and shrinkage....
But it's from the Phillipines , as it turns out. Anyway, I'll check out the next one closer, as I couldn't tell if the head was composed of multicolor tobacco, or the distraction of the dogs looking at me like I was cracked, or the very hungry and annoying skeeters.

Then the lighter wasn't quite up to the task with a breeze. Not something you would think about till you try. However there is plenty of room in the case to stuff a triple jet lighter next time.

I'm not sure if I would call this either mild or medium. Definitely strong and a lot of kick. Certainly you could take the bands off these and give them to your annoying buddies and tell them it's a Havana. But these are dog rockets, no question about it.

With that said, it wasn't really all that bad: starting off a peppery feel, moving into an odd mild non-descript taste in the middle and transitioning to a leathery finish. Oddly, I don't think I've ever noticed that much difference before. But then that's because a decade plus ago the local gas station had carried cigars from the Phillipines and that earthy aura was my first exotic cigar experience.

At $1.80 in a box of 25 or $1.30 in the 2-fer that's getting darn cheap these days (considering the factories get 17c or less each) with all the taxes and handling, so you can't complain about not getting your monies worth.

Would I go out and buy a box or two to salt away ? NO WAY, but if you were the Social Co-ordinator at some Fraternity, and the herf party was coming up ? Why not, and pull a switcheroo with the labels... gee, some guys might still be remebering that night 80 years from now...


Anonymous said...

Nice case,I need to get one,Sorry no pics,computer still messed up.

Buzz Kimball said...

hey, glad to hear from you, no hurry. but, YEAH, paraphernalia! more must have stuff...

i'm experimenting with crystal gel and most likely will throw out the credos. more on this later.