Monday, August 17, 2009

Cigar Box Recycling

It place of the usual tilting at windmills, another practical post about turning some cigarillo boxes into hazard boxes.These happen to be sliding style top and the part I like the best is the little plastic tops let you see inside.

I used everyday vinegar to dissolve the glue on the labels and then pealed and scrapped the residue with a putty knife. A touch of sanding for the heck of it and a coat of stain to seal the wood. Home Despot does have sheets of the window plastic and it cuts easily on a table saw.

It did take a couple of hours, but hey who's time is worth all that much these days.... And it cleaned up the junk of odds and ends as well as the half completed projects. But remember the vinegar, I'll try that next time on removing labels from containers I'd like to save and reuse.

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