Sunday, August 16, 2009

ME against the EBAY-WORLD

Well this pretty much sums up exactly what I think about EBAY.

In fact, now that I think of it, I'm considering trying to bring a suit against EBAY along the lines of the RICO statutes...

Well they have always pretty much blown you off when there's a problem. Which brings it to the crux. Sue them for all the fees that they've collected from me over the years, on the basis that they never provided any of the follow up services they contracted...

That hinges on what is called an "ongoing criminal enterprise". Anyway, I ran across this item about how EBAY is finagling it's finances to pump up it's stock price.

Hey! What the hell.... this is AMERICA the land of unlimited wealth and Obuma bucks. So it's a double scam, besides fudging the sales figures they've created a cost shifting onto the backs of small sellers, essentially allowing the favored big concerns to monopolize EBAY trade. That's why I noticed that you can buy it cheaper anywhere else than on EBAY...

"Essentially, Best Match enables eBay to manipulate search results and how they are presented to buyers.

"The manipulation allows eBay to favor it's preferred class of sellers over the smaller mom & pop sellers on the site, by utilizing a secret algorithm which makes behind the scenes manipulation simple and easy.

"In the meantime, Diamond Sellers which pay zero listing fees and receive discounts on Final Value Fees see their items visibility surreptitiously increased while small sellers that pay to list items and are subject to the outrageously high Final Value Fees see their items disadvantaged, buried if you will, in search results.

"Donahoe & Co have implemented incentives to cajole sellers into rolling the cost of shipping into the selling price of an item.

"A $10.00 widget with shipping of $4.75 now shows on eBay's books as a sale of $14.75 when it sells with "free" shipping. ebay is not selling more widgets, they have however managed to increase the Final Value fee they take on these items as they now collect that fee on shipping too.

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