Saturday, August 15, 2009

2$ Cigar Box Humidor for 2$ Dog rockets

Well actually it was $2.50 plus $10 shipping... And it's a whopping 17 x 9. Perfect presentation to hold those dog rockets that I'll show off to my cheapskate cigar no nothing visitors. Anyway, a good way to keep them away from the special stock. It's not so bad that their bumming for a freebie, and they won't know if your pawning off a cigar turd as a primo dog rocket.

But they real reason to keep them away from the good ones, is that they want to play with them, which is an easy way to get a tear or a rip. That and invariably, they want to stick, not one, but every last one up their nose.

Really, do you like snot on a cigar ?

Anyway, I really like the wood and the inlay work, and the only thing I did was to pull out the old innards that smelt a little too much like aromatic red cedar and replaced it with mild spanish cedar dividers.

Well it ain't exactly the Ritz...but it beats a brown paper bag.

Oh ! that's a tube of crystals in the middle; goodbye credos. And, that's a digital hydrometer, that I can move around from box to box... takes out the guess work and give a fast accurate reading.

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