Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Guitars and American Monoculture

Just a quick note about my music activities. Most of the time after describing what microtonality is to people and their increasing looks of disdain and derision inevitably I get asked: "Well do you make any money at it ?"

I pretty much guess that sums up what Americans are all about. God forbid that you would have the nerve to actually utilize your "freedoms" and do something different and be "individualistic".

"Got Money ?"


kirk505 said...

So,do you make money at it ?

That was too easy,couldn't resist.

certified_registered_user said...

Actually, 95% of professional musicians make less than $5K/yr. And most of the other 5% are teachers.

Did a bit of instrument building years ago which was profitable.

The film music angle never panned out. The companies end up going broke. In case your thinking of starting an 'independent' and wondering what will likely happen.

Although, in the case of 'W-themovie', it got torpedoed by Oliver Stone and Lionsgate.

I heard Stone was a real dick head over the copyright ownership of "W". So the real 'W' movie never could get a distribution deal.

kirk505 said...

I play the guitar because I love it. I'll never be a great guitar player, I am a great lover of the guitar and that's fine with me. I know all about the value of money,I value family and friends more than I do paper.

I've never built a guitar before,I thought about building one several years ago and even bought a book,never got around to doing it.

WOW! I'm really sensitive and caring,aren't I ?

Anonymous said...

I know what microtonality is. And if you're playing it, you can't be making any money. Most people's ears can't get past the bitonality of the Petrouchka chord.

certified_registered_user said...

Hum, never did like anything by Stravinsky, and I'm not sure what that has to do with microtonality.

I think that's a big confusing issue. "Oh! so it's making money, lot's of money: SO IT MUST BE GOOD."

Conversely, "It's not PRODUCT, it's not for sale down at WALMART". IT MUST SUCK..."

There's a whole world of difference between just making music and having fun and music as a business.

There's way more money in teaching and selling instruments; you also have to work and compete, there's no 'easy money'.

Frankly, I just got into it 'for something to do', and it opened up a whole new world of friends and contacts. And I made a lot more money at it than I ever suspected I would, of course, hardly a living or anything like that....

Oh, BTW, your money is no good, you can download free MP3s at the website. It's easier and cheaper that way.... go figure that out.

Today there's so much FREE PRODUCT that music is an adjunct to advertising. Basically, I'm too lazy to put merchandise for sale on my website and have the free downloads because it's still easier and more lucrative to sell on EBAY instead.