Saturday, May 23, 2009


DON LINO HABANITOS 3-1/2-in. x 24

This is an excellent cigarillo from a premium cigar maker; just in case you wonder where all the 'trimmings' from cigars go to. Well sometimes they go into the "short" and "medium" filler cigars. Depending on the marketing guy or the "independent" reviewer, it can be described as "floor sweepings", "trimmings", or "short leaf filler".

Anyway, these floor sweepings taste wonderful and are an exceptional bargain, running at $20 for a tin of 50, or so. I'm wondering if the price has something to do with the tab on the cellophane. You just can't open one of these with your fingernail, and so I'm having to remember to keep a pocket knife handy...

Well, the very first one I tried and well, I was quite amused it really did taste like HAVANA; with that distinctive kick. Yeah ! here's the advertising copy:

"You can imagine yourself walking down Havana harbor’s beautiful Malec√≥n, smiling and waving at the beautiful muchachitas and puffing on a perfect gem of a cigar –"

I suspect you would need something a little harder, like cocaine to sprinkle on it to get that imaginary feeling of being 20 again in 1950's pre-castro Cuba and still not being able to get any.

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