Thursday, May 21, 2009

PETIT sumatra

Was in the big city the end of last week because of a special trip to Home Despot. Don't know why it always seems that even though I buy extra material for a project I usually end up a piece short ! So on the way home I swung by a local tobacco shop to pick up some real cigarillos. It had been a good year since my last visit and I was looking in the display case, and it was just loaded with all the available brands of the cheap homogenized junk... well it was a good selection of the cheap shit. But anyway, I heard a voice: "Can I help you find something ?" And I turned around and looked and egads it's MORTIMER. Very creepy, now I know why I hadn't returned. Looking at the selection, I probably should have said: "You couldn't pay me to smoke this crap much less steal it."

But, hey, I found a pack of the PETIT sumatra small cigars for $16.95. Later I checked and they go for $14.95 on the internet, so this guy actually was reasonable.

Anyway a delightful little smoke from Denmark, but for 85 cents a stick, and the accompanied indignity I guess you could say: THAT'S ALL FOLKS.


kirk505 said...

85 cents a stick isn't too bad. I smoke Danneman cigarillos occasionally. Most of the time it's American Spirit RYO cigarettes.

How about some info on New Hampshire ?

certified_registered_user said...

Goodness, I remember when American Spirit was a family owned mailorder outfit and I use to get hands of tobacco and once even some indian twists... WOW, what a bummer when they sold out to the big corporation.

Well, I'll have to postpone my post on some ass kicking 40 cent cigarillos, while I dish on New Hampshire instead.

I've been here 25+ years and New Hampshire still SUCKS, even though there might be worse places, maybe Baghdad or Kabul. The state leads the nation in per capita ALCOHOLISM and PEDOPHILIA.

Of course, everybody knows alcohol is so 'healthy' for you, so there can't be any correlation between the two.