Friday, May 22, 2009

Inside New Hampshire

From three decades living in New Hampshire I can sum up the state in one word: ALCOHOLISM. This former Republican Party stronghold, AKA "Liechtenstein of the Northeast", enjoys the highest per capita consumption of alcohol and the highest rate of alcoholism in the nation.

Of the 10,000 incarcerated citizens, over 2,500 were imprisoned for child rape. And that's probably only the tip of the iceberg. Over the years I have been befriended by a number of incest survivors, and frankly the male victims don't rate much consideration or mention.

New Hampshire also is fairly undeveloped. About 1/3 of the state economy is tourism, the rest of the economy is literally built around WHITE FLIGHT. Essentially, what has happened is that a very large state and local government infrastructure has developed around housing developments and balloning schools, police/fire departments and other ' essential amenities' for the big city escapees. And there isn't any businesses or economic activity to support it, not even in the best of times.

Well, as i remember it. During the early Eighties when I was just starting to adjust to the 'rural' character, well the Reagen BOOM started to kick in. " Hey, we is going to get rich.. ya' know PROGRESS...". The first real estate crash hit in 1990. It took out all the builders and developers as well as most of the Banks.

But still they came. That is white folks with children looking for 'safe schools' and a 'safe place' to raise their spawn. And housing prices started going up 20% a year... "I made a $100,000 on my house this year" a friend once said to me. "I'm going to be a millionaire before i retire".

Of course, the North Country is much different. Besides not being a suburb of Boston. The people there are honest and they don't have those faggy limp wrist handshakes either. But they drink. But that's New Hampshire. And they have good reason for it, at least now.

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kirk505 said...

Thanks for the info. I had no idea it was that bad. I've never met anyone from NH. I had a couple of buddies from VT and a buddy from Mass. when I was in the Army. Good guys,they liked drinking too.