Friday, May 29, 2009

Climb Aboard the USS Titanic

"Why are the Ancient Eight increasingly irrelevant in the most competitive arena of all?" asks Darren Everson in today's WSJ. Actually, he answers his own question: "the Ivy’s 1981 expulsion from Division I-A, college football’s premier classification, which occurred because larger-conference schools desired greater control over TV-contract negotiations."

EH ? squeezed out by the Big Boys were they ?

Everson continues; "The Ivy League is home to some of the country’s oldest colleges, which once played the best football... Harvard was so good in the early days that when it defeated Oregon, 7-6, in 1920 in what is now known as the Rose Bowl game, the Los Angeles Times called the outcome a “triumph” for the underdog loser."

Hurrah! the Blue Bloods showed them damn Oakies what happens for escaping from the mines and debts at the company store. But wait, isn't that like 85 years ago ? Is this Harvard's contribution to humanity ?

Obviously, single malt scotch is out of reach for the 'wizzards of wall street' and they have gone back to good old reliable cocaine... enjoy it while you can, since after 75 years, Washington will finally win the drug war this year and make Mexico safe for Wall Mart and Spring Break. Snort it up boys and girls...

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