Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Where the Stimulus Money really went.....

Today's NY POST had this:

"NYC Prep," which premieres on Bravo June 23, follows five students from prestigious private schools and one from an elite public high school as they groan at length about their riches -- while trying to edge each other out in the social standings."

I don't watch much TV. No way I'm going to sit around and watch stupid "free entertainment" and moronic commercials. Did you know that the average American will spend 2 years of their life watching commercials ? What is 2 years of your life really worth ?

Not that I am against 'escapism' or it's many variants. But, this smacks of: LET THEM EAT CAKE thinking. There's a lot of 'feeling pain' out there on the streets of America: loss of life savings, collapsing home prices, escalating unemployment, skyrocketing taxation....

No doubt this show might have done well in the 'boom years', and it may or may not be a hit here during the 'long recession' . But, American's have long been weaned from ideas of community and have been turned into the uber-capitalist's dream of 'economic-man'. But when the bucks are gone what's to replace: "allegiance to the almighty buck".

It just rubs me the wrong way, and it sounds dangerous. Well, at least dangerous to the elite. I don't think this is really a good time for the ruling class to be doing 'show and tell', or is this going to be a 'kiss and tell' ?

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