Sunday, June 28, 2009

Double Dog Rocket Delight

Well for whatever it's worth here's a photo of what I got in the Thompson Powerpack 25.

So I'm going to create a special ranking system that I'm going to copyright and trademark. Anyway the DOG ROCKET METER (TM) is a scale based on -1 to 2.

Very simple actually. A minus one, means it tasted something like rat shit or cow dung. Now I've never actually smoked any cow dung, but I'm sure everyone has had to sweep up somewhere, an atic or a basement and has the basic idea of what -1 tastes like.

Now a zero means that it tastes like tobbacco. Very pure and simple. However, that doesn't mean that "ZERO" is bad, it just means that it tastes like tobbacco. When we get to a 'ONE', now that means, it's something special. Maybe a heavenly flavor or a good kick, or something. Not many things will get a "TWO", because that means I can't afford it or justify the expense, and so am not very likely to review it.

How would I rate the TCC POWERPACK 25 ?

I really had to try the DONNA INNES again first. That and the MIRAFLOR but were mild and non-descript, so that get's them both a 0. As in tastes like tobacco. Probably mild enough to fire up at breakfast if a certain overnight guess isn't leaving.

Now the EROS, does earn a 1 for tasting a little like cream. Now, I'm going to give the CHAVON a 1 also, it might have actually earned a 2, but that might be because I smoked it with some beers, so I don't remember much except that it was good or a good combination.

So that's phase one of the powerpack 25 saga. There will be more eventually, as I plan on sitting around on my fat ass and smoking them all up eventually and seeing if there's any truth to the aging rumour.


bigunsfan said...

Those Dog Rockets look interesting. I had a bit of luck today and bought a humidor.Nice little cedar box with the works. I went overboard and purchased some big'uns.I'll drag out the digital camera and send you some pics,sometime this week. I'm happy.

Buzz Kimball said...

okay, don't forget to check the instructions of 'preparing' your box before you put the stoggies in it.

I've had good luck, with very lightly cleaning the inside first, and putting a bowl of hot water in overnight.

I'm a bit of a neurotic fuss, but basically, you want the humidor, not to moist and not too dry....

depends who you ask, but the range is 50-80% humidity. Below 50 and they dry out, over 80 and they'll burst or unravell.