Friday, June 5, 2009


DONA INES: robusto, long leaf Dominican filler, Connecticut wrapper.

Well I put these rock hard TCC house brand turds in the humidor a couple of weeks ago, and took off the cellophane last week to speed up softening of the caps. Needless to say, I had a bit of time to kill and decided something besides a cigarillo was in order.

Time will tell if aging and a little TLC will improve the rest of the lot.

Of course, I cut one and, gee it sure looks like short leaf, but, then I'm no EXPERT.

It does have a good draw, and I didn't start out with the best foot. So there was a touch of uneven burning which only required turning the extrusion down. This sort of goes contrary to thinking, but this puts it down where there is more oxygen and increases the burn rate.

The first thing I noticed was a build up of tar and goo. I can't say that as a fact, but it's and indicator of some leaf being rapid cured with sugar. That ain't good; but, I suspect it's all a matter of how many corners the big cigar makers are actually cutting in their cigar making.

With that said, I would have expected it to be hot as this one was still on the dry side, but it wasn't. Not sure what the white, grey and black ash means except possibly a mix of a little of this and a little of that.

And, it did taste like tobacco and nothing else. Mild and some body but nothing else. What can I really say about a $1 cigar (okay, that's a dried out turd in a sampler, it's $2 by the box), other than it was worth a dollar.

Offhand, I guess I got my moneys worth. But I suspect replacing them at $2 a pop might be silly as there are some other name banded stuff available in the price vicinity.


kirk505 said...

I mailed your package today.I hope they don't send me to Gitmo if I get caught.Yikes!!! This is sorta fun,I like ignoring the gov.

5 cohiba cigarritos
5 montecristo cigarritos
5 romeo y julieta cigarritos
5 partagas cigarritos
5 hoyo de monterrey cigarritos

5 cohiba club
5 montecristo club
5 romeo y julieta club

2 romeo y julieta puritos

If the package arrives,you'll understand what this means :

costa rica-montecristo
brazil-romeo y julieta
italy-hoyo de monterrey

If this works out,I can send you some big boys later. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. Mailing stuff is less risky around Christmas time.

Ahh,anticipation !

certified_registered_user said...

Ouch ! do you take American Express ?

I know I shouldn't look the proverbial gift-horse in the mouth and instead thank you for your generosity.

But, did you marry the boss's daughter or something ?

kirk505 said...

I'm sending you cigarillos,they're not that expensive. Cohiba club cost 20 euros a pack,20 cigarillos. If all goes well,I'll try sending some cigars,Cohiba Siglo V.

I'm not rich,I do earn pretty good money over here.The trade school paid off,I run a CNC lathe.We make pharmaceutical equipment and have a lot of work.I've been working every Saturday for the past two months.I also work part time putting together solar panels.

I pay about 7 bucks for a gallon of gas ,insurance is also quite expensive over here.Food is cheaper over here.

All in all it's a good deal, the quality of life is pretty good over here and my kids are safe.

I'm happy here,it just makes me a little sad to see America fall apart.

Anyway,I have to go to work,see ya later.

certified_registered_user said...

I've read that Germany still had real factories and a real economy.

However, I've heard that the Government is eliminating pensions and health care and it's a bit of a mess.

Then I've heard some things are a bit different. That cars have the right of way in a street and children are considered a criminal if they get hit by a car. Also that you aren't allowed to do yard work on Sunday.

I've mentioned this to various otherwise normal and intelligent Americans, and they get quite flustered about how awful that all is, and that the Germans ought to pass new laws etc.....

kirk505 said...

The government in Germany was forced to raise the age of retirement to age 67.Germany's birth rate is too low,the population is declining and there aren't enough workers to support the retirees.The government is doing its job.I find that to be a good thing.

Health care is compulsory. I pay so little that it doesn't concern me,really it's not bad.I don't have to worry about it.Health care has never been an issue with me,why doesn't America have universal health care ? Same way with unemployment insurance,I have it,I pay very little for it,I don't worry about it.

That's not true,children are not considered criminal for anything.They are not capable of guilt in the eyes of the law. At age 12 children are considered to be partially responsible for their actions.Pedestrians and bikes have the right of way.Germans walk everywhere or ride their bikes.Germans that visit America always wonder why they don't have sidewalks in America.

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest,everybody ignores the law. If you mow your lawn on Sunday morning at 6 am ,your neighbor might call the cops,if nobody cares it isn't a problem.Folks don't call the cops about petty things,most people mind their own business.That's the way they do it here,like it it or leave it,it's their country.I've never had any problems and I often work in my garden on Sunday.

The last thing Germany needs is more laws.Please,we don't need the American legal system over here.America has a huge influence on Germany, it is becoming more like America each year,that's not good IMO.A friend mentioned that on Sunday he was going to do some "extreme couching",I had never heard that term before,he watches too much MTV.

I've noticed that the MSM in America always portrays Europe as having less freedoms than in the USA.You know a bunch of godless socialists.That's not true.I know a lot of americans living over here feel differently too.It used to be that America was a better place to live,now I'm not so sure,I feel comfortable living here.

America gave Europe freedom and a lot of Europeans are grateful for that.Most of them are just scared to death about the changes in America.America needs to practice what it preaches.I don't think Americans have more freedoms than Europeans.That makes me sad.

The American system worked when the economy was based on agriculture and there was enough cheap land available for the taking.After the Industrial Revolution money replaced freedom.How do you make money democratic ?

I often go to France and England,I have friends there,it's the same story as in Germany. I love the English and I love the French too.They are decent folks and very friendly. They don't hate Americans,they just hate the US government.Don't believe the MSM when they report about how bad it is in Europe,it's not true. We are doing quite well,thank you.

I have family in the USA,my sister taught english lit. at a small college in the midwest.She got tired of teaching and got a job in the administration dept. That was a good move,no more 18 year olds that can't read or write,plus she earns a lot more money,teaching sucks.They still still teach kids how to read and write over here.The education system is free.My oldest daughter is in college and I don't have to pay a thing for it.

I'm still an American citizen,I love America,I don't want to give that up.People often ask me why I don't go ahead and get german citizenship,I can't do that.I love America not the US gov., I wish the American people all the best and hope they will rediscover their values.I hope freedom is not lost in America.Maybe I'll return to America someday.New England seems to have a nice climate,I like it cool.North NH or VT might be a nice place to live.The huge forests in Maine are also enticing.

My english has suffered,use it or lose it.I hope I'm making sense,I'm trying to improve my english.I speak German most of the time,I'm pretty good in Spanish too. I'm currently trying to learn French.Why are Americans against Spanish as a second language? My children are multilingual.

certified_registered_user said...

Hi Kirk, thanks for your firsthand account of life in Germany.

BTW, do you like beer and sausage ? I've heard a bit of odd things from returning rubber chicken loving winos...

Frankly, I'm an anarchist. I suspect the arguments over 'the best' political and economic system detract from the issue of what leadership is doing to squander the social surplus.

It really doesn't matter how much or how little we pay in taxes if the politicians just piss it away.