Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Double Dog Rocket of Death

Thompson (TCC) EROS ROBUSTO, Dom. Rep., 5x52, Long Filler, Sumatra Wrapper.

Grin and bear it, I just can't help trashing these TCC House Brand Cigars; but, to be honest these are $1 cigars with LONG FILLER. So that's as much of a free plug Thompson will get out of me...

Because, I ended up with 10 of these mofos because of the old switcheroo, I felt obligated to try one of these first. Of course, I really should have waited another month as these have only been "resting" for 3 weeks and are still as hard as a spike, so it will be another month before I bother seeing if they are able to be "reconstituted" or if they earn a proper burial at sea.

It must have been something about the dual bands. One with 'Hecho a mano', which translates from the spanish as 'handmade' but really means, 'feed into the conveyor belt by hand, with a hand finished wrapper'. Hey, that's okay, because that can actually be better than a real handrolled or 'Totalmente a mano'. But, what's that second band: "Reserva Especiale' all about ?

The point I'm trying to make is that a dry cigar is a hot tasteless cigar. So make sure to age those dog rockets first.

Anyway, this actually did relax me that particular afternoon. The draw was fine, the burn was just a touch irregular but not a problem. And I got a huge 2 inch ash, which contradicts what someone else experienced.

I'm not sure what a 'regular' burn and a 'big long ash' has to do with whether the damn thing tastes like tobbaco or not. Actually, I did notice a nice mild taste which I guess I might be so snutty to pronounce as 'cream'. But that does describe it.

However, I did abandon the thing with 2 inches left.

When I went back 2 hours laters just to get a couple of puffs from the old butt... well eye of newt and tounge of frog...

That was one big mistake. Plenty more of them to try out in time, and if worse comes to worse, I may be able to use them as either spikes or paperweights.


bigunsfan said...

Hello.I'm still looking for a humidor,there are so many to choose from.Good thing I'm not in a hurry.

I tried the squash,corn,and bean dish,it was pretty good.


certified_registered_user said...

I went and ordered a smaller, 50 cigar humidor to put my lanceros in (those are a panatella type long and thinner than the typical cigars). That leaves the larger humidor to age 'dem darn dog rockets.

So I am wondering if I would have been better off with several smaller boxes to start...

Anyway, one thing I am fairly sure of is to stay with solid wood and avoid the inlay models, especially in the 'junk' economy models under $300 range. Personally, I can't justify that kind of money nor can I see it being worth it. Just like single malt scotch.

It's like having a Rolls Royce or a Jag. Maybe it will impress the other Republicans in your neighborhood, but isn't a bicycle a wiser investment, these days, besides being healthier ? (well of course around New Hampshire, there's a lot of drunk drivers, so riding a bike might actually be too dangerous?.