Monday, June 15, 2009

A brief look at the future

After spending, at least $200,000 to "educate these kids"..

"About 42 percent couldn't calculate 8 percent sales tax on a $10 purchase, but that figure is better than last year, when nearly 50 percent could not make that computation. In 2007, nearly 75 percent of those surveyed couldn't compute it."

What's more alarming is the educators and their explanations... these people have PHD's and probably are being paid $150k/yr.

"It's obvious that the students are not comprehending the education they have been taught over the years." hum, blame the victims...

"It's troubling that the students couldn't answer, but it's not surprising. Our students don't know a lot," and no wonder they fear merit pay !!!

"Nearly a quarter of graduating seniors surveyed couldn't name one right guaranteed by the First Amendment." That's a bright spot, because, obviously 25% of the students know better !!!

Okay, "Nearly a quarter of students couldn't compute one-half plus one-fourth." Well I'll grant some people haven't a knack for numbers, but an allegedly competent educator states: "adding fractions is a middle school thing. ... They haven't done that kind of math in so long."

There you go, final indisputable proof that the world is flat and ritalin doesn't work.

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