Tuesday, June 9, 2009


4 ½-in. x 30, 100% Cuban-seed tobaccos with a Sumatra wrapper, Philippines.

First off these have shot up in price $20 since I bought them, so their hardly in the bargin category anymore. I was pleasantly surprised to see these came from the Phillippines. Years ago, during the cigar boom, the local convenience store carried Phillipino cigars.

The first one I lit up had that distinctive earthy taste. I think a little taste of fungus.

Actually, after a couple of weeks in the homemade glass top cigar box crap-a-dor, which hovers around 60% humidity, these little babies gave up their parentage and turned into a decent smoke.

I know I'm going to be enjoying these little dog rockets for months to come, and they are good, but at the new price and the TLC involved, I'm sure to be looking elsewhere for replacements.


kirk505 said...

I want to purchase a humidor,got any tips ?

I'm confused :

4 ½-in. x 30, 100% Cuban-seed tobaccos with a Sumatra wrapper, Philippines.

I assume "4 ½-in." is the length ?

What does "x 30" mean ?


certified_registered_user said...


HOLY MOLY BATMAN !!! Received your package this morning. Thank you, I'm stunned by your generosity and the rather useful selection of accessories, very thoughtful. Could you e-mail you ground address, so I can at least partially do something in return ?

certified_registered_user said...

Okay, for the easy question, the "30" refers to ring size. And is measured in 64ths of an inch. So 32 is 1/2" in diameter. Actually, I just went and measured one and their really 28 gauge. But, then that's typical...

I'm not sure how competitive the local shops in Germany are compared to on-line discounters. Here in New Hampshire it's WORTH THE WAIT to order from a catalog house...

A lot of it would depend on how much your willing to spend and what your needs are. But you should search for "setting up a humidor" and read the various opinions available.

Okay, the cheap and easy way to start would be one of the larger Lock & Lock containers and a can of something like humi-care crystal gel... That's well under $20 and would work as a travel humidor also. However, for just a little bit more you can a basic wood desktop unit. That's good enough for some cigarillos and a few stogies.

I started off with a good sized medium one, right now that's packed full with cigars and some cigarillos. And is around 70% humidity.

My go to cigarillos are in a small converted cigar box humidor, which I replaced the warped sliding top with a piece of glass and a glued on knob. That, is hovering around 60% humidity.

Probably the best thing to get is a digital hydrometer with +/- 1% accuracy (under $30). It's also the best way to calibrate those cheap analog ones. Of course, I prefer to use straight distilled water and eschew the chemicals for the 'credo' (a container with a sponge). It's not a whole lot more work...

Please feel free to ask more questions, and I really am interested in what transpires...

kirk505 said...

The revolution starts at home, free your mind first...

I agree.

Glad you got the package,My ground address as well as my real name should of been on the package.

You should put the chocolate in the fridge.I took a small risk sending chocolate at this time of the year,hope it didn't melt.Pure chocolate without wax.

Thanks to the internet I can order anything I need from the USA,it used to be difficult to get certain things,life is easier now.

Thanks for the info on the humidor and the ring size thing.The local tobacco shop only had two models to choose from.Guess I'll have to order one.

certified_registered_user said...

I've seen several UK sites, BTW, that are interesting. Before ordering from the US, I advise you to check EBAY, especially Hong Kong. The reason being, most of US product originates in China anyway, so you ought to be able to save beaucoup bucks. Well it's a thought.

Otherwise check out cubancrafters.com, not that I've bought from them, but it's a yardstick.

I ought to scold you for using script on the return address, but I'll respect the trust/privacy issue and try and check some of the unfamiliar spellings and illegible numbers first. So first off I just try and send some complimentary CDs. I actually had some cash sent to a musician contact that works for the Netherlands Post disappear! As well as things returned from Canada for the slightest reason. Postage from the states tends to be 2 or 3 times higher than any other country.

Also, I'm amazed by the hefty quality of the dynamo light. It's quality just blows the Chinese stuff out of the water. Every once in a long while I would get a small box of solar flashlights or shake lights sent from Hong Kong.

But not the cheap flimsy dynamos. Recently, I check and the place had doubled their prices, so that's that. No deals at extremedeals.com anymore.

Oh! I'll let you know how sis likes the chocolate. If it's the real dark chocolate, well we're in deep do-do...

kirk505 said...

Cool,I love music.Glad you like the dynamo light.The germans make quality stuff.I sent my sister a german can opener and she loves it,the chinese ones are crap.

The choclate is normal milk chocolate,good stuff.Sis will love it.