Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Well, it seems TCC has a black label and a red label house brand, but for some reason their green label is called 'uniques'. Perhaps because the red and black bands are dirt dirt cheapos. Anyway, I fired one of these up while the dogs were running around the bog today.  This puppy started off with that earth tone that suggests dubious parentage, but then all I remember after that was looking at that tiny little leftover stub before I launched it into the drink. So it did grow on me and I'm looking forward to trying that one again.
I can't say that about some of the other Thompson House Brands, but then this one books in at well over $2 each in a bundle. Perhaps that might be a dead giveaway !!! Anyway, just one more to try: "a night in havana". Really, what a name to call a dog rocket. So after that, they'll be a big recap. That's about 2 out of 7 that I would even consider paying money for again, and a good 5 duds. Of course, a lot of that ought to be blamed on individual preference, but then again it should be interesting to get up a round one scorecard and see what transpires as I empty out the 'guest' humidor slowly over the coming winter.

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