Monday, September 14, 2009

Corojo Cubano

Goodness, this is the last in collection of 'dog rockets of death'. A big batch of house brand robustos I have. Now I have to admit that this was another 'tastes like tobacco' cigar, although it's still going for over $2 a stick in bundles, while many many other no names and house brands are being closed out, sometimes for 99c.

Well, it started coming unraveled as soon as I trimed the cap. But, in all fairness, a good licking and the wrapper held till I smoked it to the end. (that is I read that in the old days some people would actually stick cigars in their mouth "to taste them" and give them a good slime job- while no admits to it or are their any written recollections the consensus was it was done to keep the far from perfect cigars of that time from falling apart...).

The big line up is next, and then the reviews will start all over again. same old same old.


Anonymous said...

The old slime job.I remember my old man doing that to his Roi-tan cigars.Maybe that' why I never tried one.

You sure do have a large selection of cigars.

Buzz Kimball said...

lots and lots of dollar dog rockets! I'll get into that in the next post... some of it has to do with affordability, some of it has to do with a sense of adventure and reverse-snobbery...and like it's best to experiment with the cheap stuff !!!

really, i miss trying the old local beer brands that have disappeared only to be replaced by over-priced yuppie micro-breweries that still taste like piss.