Monday, September 21, 2009

TCC Dog Rocket Roundup.....or, in search of a cheap cigar that doesn't bite you on the arse....

I'm not sure how I ended up with such a collection of the Thompson Cigar  house brands, but it did happen.

Now, I can say with a straight face that these are actually passable even if they are at the very low end of the 'premium' scale. Provided you take in to account that we are also including those mass produced packaged things sold in convience stores everywhere for comparison purposes.

Com'on all the big cigar outfits sell bundles of their 'house brands', and the sales pitch either varies from "something fell off the truck one night", to "we have 'seconds' of the high priced brand', to "why be a smuck and pay the long price when you can get a cheap smoke that sort of tastes like ______."  So to make it easy for you, I'll list them according to their ranking on the DOG ROCKET METER (TM) which goes from -1 to 2.

SOCORRO  this is a -1, nobody ever says anything good about these, except they might be on a par with Swisher Sweets. Can anybody be that desperate for a smoke ?

1898 another -1. The dead looking multicolor tobacco in these means they are made with crap leaf.

DON LUGO, another -1, bow wow  !  bow wow !

Dona Innes, Miraflor, Corojo Cubano, and Cordova. Big fat ZEROES. May do in a pinch, BUT !!!!!!!

Now we get to the ones that are worth smoking; whether there are better deals for the same money out there is another issue altogether. However, these earn the dubious distinction of rating a 1. Yes, an awesome one thumb up, in that you aren't getting ripped off if you buy some of these. Hopefully,  at distressed prices from a "friend" who's turning his nose up at them because they aren't getting puff pieces about them in CIGAR FOOL,  MODERN SMOKER, or HIP SUCKER.

Havana Nights (there goes the if it has "havana" in the name don't waste your money advice).
TCC Uniques- green label

So their you go, you could have wasted up to $350 finding out those duds, which you can now on some smokeable and less offensive dog rockets....

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