Thursday, July 16, 2009

THE WESTIES by T.J. English

"The most savage organization in the long history of NYC gangs..." Rudolph Giuliani

To cut to the chase, I'm not sure who's more full of BS: English or Giulani. The book centers around Mickey Featherstone of the "hell's kitchen" section of NYC, circa the 1970's and early 80's.

Anyway, the book is badly written, the people involved basically do drugs and drink a lot. In fact, nearly all their 'violence' centers around blowing each others head off in a bar while extremely intoxicated. Very boring story with very boring protagonists. In fact, I'm not certain how accurate anything in the book is. Much mention is made of drugs, mostly cocaine, but nothing about pills, which suggests that most of the book is a fabrication of the NYC police department. And, all the "action" revolves around numerous instances of somebody pulling out a gun and passing it around the bar until somebody doesn't realize "the gun is loaded" or somebody decides to settle some personal dispute.

Other than that, the book does fairly well detail the deranged drunken exploits of some fairly anti-social individuals. But on the whole the book pretty much dispels the myth of organized crime that it pretends to expose. And it pretty much paints a picture of the NYC police as either inept or stupid (perhaps we ought to use the 'c' word, as in corrupt).

We are suppose to believe that it took Goohliani 20 years to get these drunken morons off the streets ??? I'm really not sure who the real criminals are.

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