Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cigar Paraphernalia : Jetline Triple Torch

Thankfully, I don't fish, but a few times sitting around herfing with a few of the guys that do, it's amazing the gizmos and must have dodads that they have.

Anyway, that comes to the issue of lighting a cigar. For years I have been sort of a wood match purist. Perhaps that's how I started out and was particularly conservative about it. Hard to imagine as the evening wore on and the Scotch started to make reality superfluous, how the argument over lighter or wood matches got started much less ended.

But, cut to the chase. After 2 months of rain here, (and nary a mention of how odd that is anywhere)... speaking of which, how come we have a Black Republican in the White House and nobody seems to notice ? Or for that matter, is the SURGE still working ? Really, now it's going on 9 years now and VICTORY looks even more remote than Afghanistan. ERRR... but it's so damp that matches don't always work !!!

But I did order a cheap cigar lighter from TCC, it arrived broken. I returned it and haven't heard a peep. But I did run across this &7.99 triple flame lighter, and it seems to do the trick. Haven't gotten to the part about refilling it or firing up some big stogies. But soon.

Some more paraphernalia reviews coming soon, and some little cigar reviews too. Promise. BTW, that's really cheap for a triple torch. Just do a Jetline search on EBAY.

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