Sunday, January 3, 2010

WE'RE BACK...... for 2010.


lots and lots of reviews to catch up on, and we've got some winner's. since this summer i have 'moved on up the west side' and discovered some boutique cigars as well as some bargain sticks from the premium cigar companies.... well, out side of some of the really really boutique cigars, it seems all the retailers basically carry all the same damn big factory stuff. so that's that.


Anonymous said...

Howdy Buzz.


Hi Buzz,
Are you 41 and FOWG all in the same?
By the way nice blog.
Reagan RULES! We both know it why don't you just admit it already!


It is you! I have been reading your blog. You have a distinct style of writing.

Besides both you and 41 were residents of NH.

Now, come on this is silly, Admit Reagan was the Cadillac of presidents!

Buzz Kimball said...

sorry guys no new stuff yet, got some kind of bug bothering me...

bigun: thinking about reviewing some of those brown box ones you sent eventually, but i'll do a write up, soon, of some i'm thinking of sending.

buck: i'm going to try and start avoiding politics, because it's counter-productive, and the reason i was shifting around my ID was to sidestep recriminations on some of the more pointed posts as well as the occasional tasteless comment.

btw, politicians are fools. they may put on a good show and sound intelligent, but frankly, they destroyed this country, and now i hope they all starve to death or die some painful lingering death like starvation, or aids.